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Hey! I'm Yasmin


A UK based writer, devoted to raising awareness for the subjects that are not discussed loud enough.      

It is no secret that hundreds of voices are louder than one. Unfortunately, not all causes have the army of voices they need chanting for them. I created Eternal Change to provide charities a platform consisting of honest articles, showcasing the importance of the work they carry out, share stories of those they are helping and to encourage as many people as possible to show their support too.


If my articles were to open the eyes of, even one person, to the endless work carried out within the non-profit sector, and to causes that matter, it would result in one positive change.              


Having a passion for raising awareness for many causes, particularly mental health, inequality in society, and between cultures, and climate change among others, I will work to do all I can to alter the lives of anyone suffering in any way possible.


There are too many causes needing support, that are instead not deserving the attention they need to result in a positive change Together we can create an echo loud enough to raise awareness for the causes and topics that need to be heard. Together we can make a difference.                               

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